How to Lease EOS on Chintai in 3 Simple Steps

Chintai, an EOS leasing platform, launched today. Here is the uber-quick start guide:

Step 1: Login to Chintai with Scatter

Step 2: Under ‘Order Entry’ choose to Lease (rent EOS from others) or Stake (rent out your EOS to others).

Step 3: Input desired interest rate and the amount of EOS you seek to Lease or Stake. For …


How will EOS achieve mainstream adoption when this is what the new user experience looks like?

Somebody unfamiliar with blockchain wants to write articles on Everipedia. They have such a hard time figuring it out, they wind up in r/Everipedia asking for help.

Everipedia Invitations? from r/Everipedia

An hour later, they post a follow-up.

Comment from discussion willwrite4schlrshps’s comment from discussion "Everipedia Invitations?".

Don’t you feel bad for him? What are we even supposed to …

Airdrops and DApps

5 Questions for Everipedia cofounder Mahbod Moghadam

Mahbod Moghadam is the cofounder of Everipedia and Rap Genius. I asked him 5 Questions, here are his answers.

WF: What is Everipedia? Why should people get involved? What can the EOS community, and crypto community, do to help Everipedia succeed?

MM: The idea behind Everipedia is to make a better version of Wikipedia. Anything we can do …

Tech and Governance

Eyal Hertzog (Bancor) on RAM

Eyal Hertzog, Product Architect, Bancor on RAM at EOS Community Conference 2018.

Explaining RAM:

“Everyone is talking here about…the transactions per second of EOS. Which is amazing, right? We don’t see those numbers with other blockchains. RAM is the reason that we can do that because EOS is built in such a way that all the transactions …