A potential new career emerging: EOS dapp miners.

It can be possible to play many of the popular gambling dapps on EOS profitably. They all have a house edge in the range of 1-2% but they are paying out their native tokens as rewards on every bet and the value of these tokens on exchanges is sometimes more than the house edge.

BetDice has been the gravy train but after their recent ‘halvening’, where you now only get 6.25 DICE per EOS bet instead of 12.5, mining is not presently profitable as DICE are trading for about 0.001 EOS instead of the more than 0.002 that would be required for mining to be profitable.

EOSPoker however is profitable as of this writing. Very profitable. You get 0.25 of their POKER tokens for every EOS bet and the game has a house edge of only 0.61% if you employ perfect blackjack strategy. POKER trades for over 0.08 EOS. So without any other promotions or incentives (there are many for these games), you’re already showing a profit:

  • Bet 100 EOS
  • Pay 0.61 EOS in house edge
  • Get 25 POKER worth 2+ EOS
  • Profit 1.39+ EOS
  • The game has a slow and sometimes buggy interface. Using two computers and going as fast as I can, I’ve only been able to play about 300 hands per hour. (If you play you’ll see much more would be possible if the interface were smoother). But still with a bet of 1 EOS per hand, that’s well over $20/hour. Well over $100/hour with a 5 EOS bet per hand.

    EOSBet is an interesting one as their token is frozen and not trading on exchanges yet. However they trade in their Telegram (the admin will facilitate this) for prices that often make mining profitable.

    Know of any other dapp that can be mined profitably? Please let me know.

    Telegram: @wilfrauvoh
    Twitter: @uvoheos
    Email: [email protected]

    Enjoy 🙂