5 Questions for Everipedia cofounder Mahbod Moghadam

Mahbod Moghadam is the cofounder of Everipedia and Rap Genius. I asked him 5 Questions, here are his answers.

WF: What is Everipedia? Why should people get involved? What can the EOS community, and crypto community, do to help Everipedia succeed?

MM: The idea behind Everipedia is to make a better version of Wikipedia. Anything we can do to improve Wikipedia, we do. Early on, some of the big differences were a more inclusionist philosophy, more intuitive editing, and celebrities on the platform. We basically wanted to make the Rap Genius version of Wikipedia.

Now that we are moving the platform onto the EOS blockchain, it is the biggest change of all. Doing this even made Larry Sanger, the cofounder of Wikipedia, join us full-time as CIO. Since we were funded by Galaxy Digital and distributed tokens to all EOS holders via airdrop, the entire EOS community has a stake in getting Everipedia to take over. The two things everyone can do are make pages – about yourself, your business, your friend’s business, your grandfather, your favorite sandwich shop, etc. – and also follow everipedia on twitter and join the telegram group and help us share our trending pages!

If anyone wants to get more deeply involved in the creative community, please get in touch with me! If you’re in school, it’s a great way to learn everything you need to know about startups and crypto.

WF: You just airdropped your IQ token to EOS holders. What’s ​the token all about? What is it for and why would people want to own it?

MM: The IQ token performs 3 functions: value, storage, and governance. The tokens have monetary value, they are also used to literally host the content, which is an EOS feature that drew our attention because it is a more environmentally friendly crypto technology. So contributors to everipedia are rewarded the very tokens that host the content they create. They own their content! It’s amazing.

The third function is the most important: governance. Token holders have a bigger vote in all governance issues on the site – that is where the underlying value of the tokens stems from.

WF: You ​seem to ​spend a lot of time onboarding new users on ​Telegram, encouraging them to create articles. How’s that going? Are you having success building a community of active editors?​

MM: We are definitely picking up steam. One of the coolest developments since Larry Sanger joined is that a lot of Wikipedians are joining us as well. They are the folks who built the mothership, which is Everipedia’s insipration, so it’s really an honor to have them working with us on the next chapter.

WF: You once caused a tech media ​frenzy saying Mark Zuckerberg could suck your dick. Do you have a message for anyone in crypto? How do you feel about Vitalik Buterin or Nick Szabo? Anyone else?

MM: Haha I DIDNT ACTUALLY SAY THAT the dude quoted me out of context. Everyone in crypto hates Zuck but it seems to me like he’s the only person in Silicon Valley who truly understands the inexorability of the crypto glacier.

I don’t hate anyone in crypto. The crypto community has always had my back and allowed me to get back on my feet and launch another major site after I got into hot water with my first project!

WF: You were one of the founders of Rap Genius, now Genius, what did you takeaway from that experience that has helped Everipedia succeed? Any notable differences or similarities between the companies you could share?

Rap Genius is the inspiration for Everipedia. Our President, Sam Kazemian, was basically like “yo, why is the Wikipedia of Rap so much more slick than the Wikipedia of Everything?” – so he sought to Rap Geniusify Wikipedia.

Right now, my biggest dream would be for Genius to follow our lead and tokenize. I think blockchain is extremely valuable to knowledge projects – the same way we seek to use crypto to enhance Wikipedia, Genius could use the exact same technology we are building on their platform as well. Why they are not doing it is beyond me… hopefully the investors like Nas and Eminem and Ashton Kutcher will demand it!!! Now that all the celebs are getting into crypto..

You can find Mahbod on Telegram or Twitter.

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