How will EOS achieve mainstream adoption when this is what the new user experience looks like?

Somebody unfamiliar with blockchain wants to write articles on Everipedia. They have such a hard time figuring it out, they wind up in r/Everipedia asking for help.

Everipedia Invitations? from r/Everipedia

An hour later, they post a follow-up.

Don’t you feel bad for him? What are we even supposed to tell him?

“Hey bro, it’s real easy. A blockchain is like a new internet. Go to Puerto Rico, Brock will tell you all about it. Anyway, all you gotta do is:

1. Get a Coinbase account
2. Add some money to it. Pay a 4% debit card fee or wait 7+ days for your bank transfer to clear. Have fun giving them more personal info than you gave your college when you applied.
3. Buy Bitcoin (you heard about that in the news, right? Don’t worry it’s totally not a scam or anything bad you heard).
4. Join an exchange that allows you to convert your Bitcoin for EOS (it’s like Bitcoin, sorta). If you’re lucky, they wont ask for quite as much personal info as Coinbase did.
5. Buy EOS with Bitcoin.

I know this is probably getting confusing but bear with me there are only about 17 more steps.

6. …”

..all just so the dude can make an account on a website.