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What people are saying about Telos

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Comment from discussion teloslogical’s comment from discussion "Why Telos Might be Good for Everyone".

Comment from discussion chrischrischris1987’s comment from discussion "Telos- scam eos fork : Caps tokens to 40,000 per address in snapshot and steal their coins. Meanwhile reward themselves with …

Tech and Governance

Eyal Hertzog (Bancor) on RAM

Eyal Hertzog, Product Architect, Bancor on RAM at EOS Community Conference 2018.

Explaining RAM:

“Everyone is talking here about…the transactions per second of EOS. Which is amazing, right? We don’t see those numbers with other blockchains. RAM is the reason that we can do that because EOS is built in such a way that all the transactions …

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How do EOS side chains work?

Comment from discussion How will EOS side chains work? (For EOS to scale, it must use side-chains).

Comment from discussion redartsirhc’s comment from discussion "How will EOS side chains work? (For EOS to scale, it must use side-chains)".