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Lumeos: a decentralized infrastructure for data sharing

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Getting the Most Out of Your Data by Lumeos Founder & CEO Ali Ayyash:

“Lumeos a game changer in the world of online data sharing”

“That’s the aim of my company, Lumeos; your data should work for you.”

Block Producers

Cypherglass Glass: “An open source tool to help protect the EOS network from corruption and collusion.”

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You want transparency in Blockchain governance?

Meet Glass.

-From the sharp minds at Cypherglass.

— Crypto King of Pop (@CryptoKingofPop) June 21, 2018

We really respect the initiatives taken by @CypherglassBP for the Community and are looking forward for the launch of open source software 'Glass'. …

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🔗󠁓 Steemit: Introducing HireVibes – Get Hired, Earn More and Give Back

🔗 Steemit: Another Free EOS Airdrop – EOSVibes & HireVibes

View …

Tech and Governance

What people are saying about Telos

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Comment from discussion teloslogical’s comment from discussion "Why Telos Might be Good for Everyone".

Comment from discussion chrischrischris1987’s comment from discussion "Telos- scam eos fork : Caps tokens to 40,000 per address in snapshot and steal their coins. Meanwhile reward themselves with …

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Any news on EOSfinex?

via Serg Metelin, Head of Developer Relations at

Saw the early demo of fully on-chain trading on #EOSfinex today. Impressive! Glad to see @bitfinex team pushing @EOS_io tech to the limits of the performance and happy with the results!

— Serg Metelin (@sergmetelin) July 22, 2018

Airdrops and DApps

5 Questions for Everipedia cofounder Mahbod Moghadam

Mahbod Moghadam is the cofounder of Everipedia and Rap Genius. I asked him 5 Questions, here are his answers.

WF: What is Everipedia? Why should people get involved? What can the EOS community, and crypto community, do to help Everipedia succeed?

MM: The idea behind Everipedia is to make a better version of Wikipedia. Anything we can do …